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    • Women Get Heart Disease, Too.

      Women Get Heart Disease, Too.

      For decades, heart disease was viewed as a “man’s disease.” The reality? Heart disease strikes more women than men. One-in-three American women succumb to heart disease each year (roughly one death every three minutes). By comparison, one-in-31 women annually die from breast cancer. In fact, heart disease claims more women than all cancers combined.1 According... Read more »Read More »
    • What is your ideal weight really?

      What is your ideal weight really?

      If you’re like more than two-thirds of American adults, your ideal weight is somewhere south of your current weight. Apparently, obesity loves company. The number of overweight and obese Americans is increasing across all ethnicities, though at different rates. In general, overweight and obese rates are higher for African-American and Hispanic women than Caucasian women,... Read more »Read More »
    • Operation Shoebox

      Operation Shoebox

      ICE is showing their patronage by gathering snacks, supplies and much needed personal care items for our troops in support of Operation Shoebox.Read More »